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  • Christopher Jones

    Christopher JonesFounder & CEO

    Chris is a demonstrated IT leader with well over a decade of experience in consulting, system administration, network security, and technical support. He founded Promethean IT in 2007, after serving with the U.S. Army. At Promethean, Chris has solved major small business IT challenges, including: leading the design and migration of services and servers during a huge office move for a public relations agency, helping a manufacturing firm transition to a cloud solution and cut costs by more than $150,000, and designing the IT services and infrastructure for a startup health benefits company. Chris was a distinguished honor graduate at the U.S. Army Information Science School and also holds a degree in philosophy from The New School. He is currently devouring classes on Coursera and also knows where to find the best pizza in NYC (Lucali’s).
  • Dominic Catalioti

    Dominic CataliotiDirector of Engineering

    Dominic has spent more than 15 years solving IT problems for the federal government, military, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses. Dominic has extensive experience with virtualization and cloud technologies, including VMware, Citrix, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft. He’s provided third-tier support for organizations with more than 25,000 users. Dominic has a long history of integrating technologies and adapting infrastructure to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace. Dominic is certified in Microsoft, Cisco, AWS, and Citrix. When he’s not working, Dominic is an avid traveler and photographer.
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